The Slippery Slope To More Customers

Jimmy Sheehan - Thursday, December 11, 2014

When you are trying to win new business the first thing you need to do is generate new enquiries.

The ideal way to do this is by creating a Strategy called the “Slippery Slope”.

The Slippery Slope is focused on getting as many prospects as possible to say “Yes, I’m interested in your Product/Service”.

The trick is to make the first step as easy as possible. Make it really easy for your potential customer to engage with you. For businesses, things like Free Reports work really well (check out our Free Report here

Information Packs and Videos are really good if you have an online presence. If you’re a retailer then you can try things like Free Draws to get contact details from those that are just “browsing”.

Once you get potential customers onto the slippery slope you can entice them with free samples, free trials and irresistible offers. All these things will make it very difficult for them to climb back to the top of the slippery slope and walk away.

Think of it as forcing your prospects to become your customer. Making them choose you over someone else…but doing it in a very non-offensive and ethical way. They can’t help themselves and they keep sliding down the slope until you catch them at the bottom.

The Result is many more customers, which equals more sales, which equals bigger profits!

I know this all sounds very simple (and it is) but the hard part is creating the slope. It will take time and effort on your part…but once it’s done it will propel your business forward so much more quickly than it’s moving now and you’ll wonder why you weren't doing it years ago.

How To Implement Your Slippery Slope

First make it REALLY easy for the prospects to ‘step onto the slope’. As previously mentioned Free Special Reports are a really good tool. These can be used by retailers too…for example; a beautician might have a report about applying makeup perfectly; a restaurant might have the ingredients and instructions for preparing the perfect 3 course dinner party. Use your imagination. This is not about what you sell. It’s about what your prospect wants…it only needs to be vaguely connected to what you do.

Once they have ‘opted in’ for the Free Special Report you’ll have their contact details (and more importantly, permission to contact them). Send them samples….special offers…deals. (warning: don’t ever discount your product/service). The special offer might be a free gift but it should be something low cost for you but of value to the customer.

For example; free tie with every suit purchased or a free slice of warm apple pie with every main course.

Finally, send an irresistible offer. Don’t worry if they didn’t bite at the previous offer(s). They were only small anyway. This time make the offer impossible to say no to.

Comparing the Slippery Slope With The Traditional Method (what you are doing now)

At the moment you probably don’t have an easy ‘first step’ for potential customers to interact with you.

There’s generally an obstacle (or more) that stops the process from initial enquiry to sale to flow smoothly and almost automatically.

Obstacles, or breaks in momentum, are a foothold for the potential customer to use to get off the slope.

As a result fewer prospects convert to customers.

So, take a look at where your potential customers come from. Do they view your website, or browse in your shop? What do they want (which is different to what you may want to sell them). Give them what they want (something small) and then you’ll have permission to keep in touch with them. Don’t overload them with emails and texts with offers…you know already how annoying that is.

Give them something that they’ll find useful, and they’ll be more open to your future mailings and less likely to delete them without even reading them.