We Are Hiring - Apply Here

Jimmy Sheehan - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We are looking for someone to join our growing team.


We do things a little differently at Sheehan & Associates Accountants. 

We're not looking for your CV - instead you will apply online using an online survey tool to allow us gather all the relevant information about you, your experience and your aspirations.


All the relevant information will be asked in one form or another within the survey. However there's a section at the end for you to specifically highlight any points you feel are relevant in relation to you and your experience which might not have been covered in the questions.

This is probably the first time you've applied for a job using a survey. It's typical of how we work. We are quick to adopt new ideas and new technology and we are always looking for ways to make the client experience better and the work we do more efficient.

Let me tell you a little bit about the job so you know exactly the role you are applying for...

The successful candidate will be the “Dedicated Accountant” for a bank of currently 60 clients which will rise to 100 over the next 12-18 months. These clients are typically the “S” in the “SME” sector. Turnovers range from €50k to €1m. and the clients are made up of companies, sole traders and partnerships.
You will be responsible for the management of 2-3 junior staff who undertake the bookkeeping and payroll. These staff are also reasonably well versed at preparing VAT and PAYE recs so the job is very much one of overview. There is minimal data input.

The responsibilities will include;
 - Checking all reconciliations for all clients on a monthly basis
 - Managing internal processes to ensure all clients receive a monthly P&L
 - Reviewing monthly Bank / VAT / PAYE / RCT reconciliations
 - Filing VAT / RCT returns
 - Liaising with the client on an on-going basis and addressing their queries
 - Preparing year end accounts – full file to be prepared for review by senior management
 - Preparation of Income / CT returns
 - Ad hoc Co Sec duties pertaining to the client


In addition to the above the role will include preparing accounts for “one off” (i.e. annual) clients. These could include everything from shoe-box accounts to preparation from a supplied TB. You can utilise the team you manage to do the bookkeeping/data entry element if you wish.

This role sounds like a Senior position but in truth it would be better suited to a nearly/recently qualified CPA / ACCA / ACA.

This is reflected in the salary/package which is in the region of €40,000.

I know that every small Practice will say that the role they advertise offers real opportunity for growth and promotion. I don’t want to be a cliché, so without saying that exactly, I will say that should the person who takes this role be reliable, hardworking and manage the clients well, then you will naturally climb the ladder to a more senior position by virtue of the client base growing. 

Over the next couple of years as more staff are needed you will naturally manage a bigger team and spend more time client facing. As the practice grows and profits increase your salary will increase.
I am excited about this opportunity and since you're still reading I'm sure you are too.

The survey will take you about 15 - 20 minutes to complete.


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Good Luck!
Jimmy Sheehan