Building A Better Business...

Our Value Added services are focused on making sure you earn more money and then keep as much of that money as possible for you, your family and your lifestyle... whatever the size of your business or wallet.

We've created several service packages to add considerable value to your business. They concentrate on delivering improvements to your cash-flow and allowing you push the growth of your business.

Here’s a quick overview of each one...


Monitoring The Health Of Your Business…at a glance.
We discuss what the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are in your business. What do you absolutely need to know in relation to your sales, your spend, your customers, and your cash. We deliver this report on a monthly basis with colourful easy to read charts and graphs along with our recommendations.


Looking To The Future To Guide Your Decision-Making Today. 
We meet to discuss and record in detail the potential growth of your business based on changes and strategies you are going to implement, then using a monthly Budget Forecaster we analyse your actual figures against your budgeted figures month by month allowing you stay focussed and on track.


Monitoring The Health Of Your Business…in detail.
A full service reviewing both financial and non-financial KPI’s, cash profile, visually appealing and easy to read graphs and charts, Google Analytics integration, Profit Reports…and much more. Ideal for Business Owners who want a monthly or quarterly detailed report. You can choose to add in a Management Meeting with this option.


Keeping your Profits from the Taxman!
If you are in a fast growth period, or you are expecting a fast period of profitable growth then it’s much better to put a Tax Plan in place now. More tax is saved with proactive planning rather than reactive scrambling. As your business grows you want to plan for the future and ensure your business continues to pay you tax efficiently for many years to come.


Pushing you to drive your business to the next level
Often, as Business Owners things that should get done don’t get done because you have no boss to answer to. Often, these things are the ones that can make a difference to your bottom line. Our mentoring service sets out your goals and ambitions and then we put those into a scheduled timeline meeting monthly to ensure progress is being made.

We want to turn any uncertainly into a structured plan, a clear vision of your future that can be acted upon and achieved. Let’s face it, without a plan one more thing becomes certain....your future won’t be what you dreamed of.

Be In Business For Yourself...Not By Yourself!

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